The IGO Difference

IGO is an Australian mining company that is a proud Western Australian with a bigger vision. Along with an active exploration programme that covers parts of both Western Australia, Northern Territory, and Victoria we also own and operate two Underground Mines in Western Australia – our Jaguar Operation north of Leonora and our Long Operation in the town of Kambalda. Following its acquisition IGO is now developing the world class Nova project, 350km south east of Kalgoorlie.

Beyond these ventures we see opportunity at a global level and will continue to identify and explore internationally. IGO looks to the future and the opportunity that it holds. Choosing a career with IGO means that you can be part of our future and part of the team that continues to grow our great Australian company.

A Diversified Business

IGO is a multi-commodity mining company unlike any other. Our combination of exploration, mining and strong business model provides employees with opportunties that single commodity miners or exploration companies cannot offer.

Our well run, owner operated mines currently include the Jaguar Operation (copper-zinc-silver) at Leonora, the Long Operation (nickel) at Kambalda, the Nova Project (nickel) and our joint venture with Anglo-Gold Ashanti at the Tropicana Gold mine in Western Australia.

Our strong exploration team is charged with finding world class ore bodies. Our current focus for discovery remains gold, nickel, copper and zinc deposits. We believe that there are many more ore bodies to be discovered through the application of new ideas, good science and carefully considered exploration programs.

Our team is critical to this success.


IGO offers a variety of careers, rosters and locations to support our employees to achieve their varying lifestyle and career goals.

We aim to recruit the best people and then provide the support they require to do their job to the best of their ability. Our various business units and sites are comprised of a variety of highly experienced team members who are focussed on the achievement of excellence and welcome new employees to the IGO team.

We are also focussed on developing our current team and provide career development opportunities, secondments and a preference for promotion within IGO to support our people achieving to the best of their ability.


IGO offers a range of opportunities for individuals to gain experience across the entire exploration and mining cycle.

Our active New Business team is made up of a range of technical professionals and support roles including Geologists, Geophysicists, Business Analysts, Mining Engineers, Metallurgists, Field Teams, Administration/Support and Health, Safety and Environment jobs.

The Long Operation offers a range of surface and underground roles that include Geologists, Geophysicists, Mining Engineers, Surveyors, Finance, Health Safety and Environment, Operator and Administration/Support. The Jaguar Operation offers a similar suite of opportunities however with the inclusion of process plant personnel we also offer Metallurgy, Laboratory and Plant roles. When in production, our Nova Project will offer the same range of opportunities as Jaguar.

Our head office in Perth provides business support to the organisation and professional opportunities in our senior Management, Finance, Legal, Human Resources and Information Technology teams.